According to the retailer, a total of 279 stores closed and 52 stores damaged so far nationwide. in addition, 106 vaccination sites had been closed across the country. It said it strongly condemned vandalism and looting.

Businesses and shopping malls have been looted by protesters in KZN and Gauteng, claiming that they are protesting because former president Jacob Zuma was jailed. The ongoing violence started in KZN in the wake of Zuma starting to serve his 15-month sentence for contempt of court. The unrest quickly spread to the country’s commercial hub of Gauteng.

Clicks strongly condemn the vandalism and looting of stores at shopping centres and distribution centres across South Africa.

As a result of the protest action, Clicks has had to close all 110 of its stores in KZN, and 130 stores in Gauteng, with a total of 279 stores closed and 52 stores damaged so far, nationwide.

Clicks is a pharmacy, health, and beauty retailer with 760 stores and over 600 in-store pharmacies.

“The disruption of services means affected Clicks stores will be temporarily unable to administer vaccinations and provide medication to customers, along with public sector medicine pick-up points being temporarily unavailable.

“Contingency plans are being put in place to provide alternative arrangements for delivery of chronic medication and rescheduling of vaccinations, where possible,“ the company said.

It said the cost of damages to stores is still being determine, given the ongoing unrest.

Meanwhile, Dis-chem another retailer, which has 20 stores throughout KZN, also announced on Twitter that it would be closing all its pharmacies, vaccination sites, and drive-through testing facilities on Monday.

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