Aspire Solutions, a specialist information technology company that helps organizations take high impact steps towards solving enterprise-wide, business, system, or project challenges, celebrates its 18-year-old journey with a ‘Next Step Celebration’ scheduled for Friday, 16 September; where clients and industry experts will come together and share in this momentous occasion.

Turning eighteen is no small feat for a South African business. With strong leadership at the helm, co-owners Mike Steyn and Mushfiqoh Samodien, both specialists in their respective fields, are the dynamite that makes a difference in leading Aspire to greatness. 

Describing how they have continued to thrive as business partners, Mushfiqoh said: “Simply put, when it comes to our synergy, Mike is the yin to my yang.” She added: “A key factor is the balance of our business outcomes that are always aligned to our solid core values. Our meeting of minds ensures a technicolor focus for the future.” 

Many projects have contributed to the acclaim Aspire has achieved thus far, however three noteworthy landmark projects have solidified the way Aspire does tech better.

1.            Aspire Solutions developed and implemented an enterprise-wide Airport Geographic Information System (GIS) at three international and seven domestic airports for Airports Company South Africa. 

2.            Aspire helped develop and implement a comprehensive transport data warehouse to house commuter transport data, as well as an associated web-based business insight portal called the Transport Reporting System (TRS) for the City of Cape Town. 

3.            And lastly, Aspire Solutions was instrumental in the development and implementation of a live traffic-mapping and multi-modal routing application for the Dutch automobile association, ANWB. 

“While our projects in the transport arena continue to grow, Aspire is also picking up projects within other industry verticals, including FMSCG, healthcare and construction. We look forward to applying our unique approach to projects in these and other exciting spheres.” – Mike Steyn.

Aspire’s trajectory has seen a sister company, Aspire Technologies being established. It provides a unique portfolio of packaged technology products that rapidly and materially improve business efficiency. It’s through this range of incubated technology projects that Aspire advances in the tech universe, and meets the software needs of their clients, helping to grow businesses in exponential ways.

Empowering thought leadership with a strong focus on practical education, the Aspire Academy was founded to empower the next generation of tech mavens through Aspire Solutions’ philanthropic endeavors. In today’s hyper-connected age, these are the cornerstones of success. It is this very legacy that Aspire Solutions aims to uphold for the next 18 years and beyond.