Afrihost has released a new report titled “Afrihost – Opportunities and Risks”, which gives an overview of Afrihost’s strengths and weaknesses.

Afrihost was started as a web hosting company in 1999, offering domain and hosting packages at R150 per month, significantly lower than the market price at the time.

The company did moderately well in the retail hosting market, but it accelerated its growth after launching its R29 per GB data ADSL products in 2009.

They signed up thousands of customers within weeks and quickly became one of the largest ADSL service providers in South Africa.

Afrihost continued to grow its market share by launching new connectivity products, including mobile data, LTE, and fibre.

Afrihost also expanded through acquisition. It bought two of South Africa’s top Internet service providers – Axxess and Cool Ideas – in 2011 and 2021, respectively.

Today, Afrihost is one of South Africa’s premier Internet service providers (ISPs) with over 400,000 fibre, DSL, LTE, mobile data, and hosting subscribers.

The service provider generates over R1.5 billion in revenue annually and has around 500 employees.

The Afrihost – Opportunities and Risks report delves into Afrihost’s exceptional brand awareness, its comparative position in the market, and its strengths and weaknesses.

It also highlights where there are opportunities for Afrihost to grow and whether it has risks which can lead to market share loss.

The Afrihost report is available for free to Analytico subscribers.