Acer has been included in Forbes’ list of the  World’s Top Women-Friendly Companies in 2022. Forbes cooperated with the market research institute Statista in conducting an anonymous survey of nearly 85,000 women working in multinational companies around the world. The selection of the top 400 companies was based on several gender-related criteria including equal opportunities for career development, public perception, and female representation in corporate ranks. Acer received high marks in terms of its overall image and the proportion of women holding leadership roles, as it gives importance to creating a gender-equal work environment to support the company’s competitiveness. 

In 2022, Acer’s female employees accounted for 38% of its total workforce with 31% holding managerial roles. Acer plans to continue attracting outstanding female talent by offering competitive salaries, professional development opportunities, and parental support. 

This recognition follows Acer’s being named by Forbes as one of the World’s Best Employers for the third straight year and joining the ranks as one of  America’s Best Employers for New Grads in 2022. These accomplishments reflect Acer’s efforts in providing a positive work environment for all its employees and implementing corporate sustainability initiatives.