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public sector accounting

Addressing Public Sector Accounting and Auditing Challenges

15/10/2021 | By Tech Talk

Service delivery that satisfies citizens depends on clean governance and strengthening capacity building in the public sector. Thus to talk to the above issue, the Southern African Institute of Government Auditors (SAIGA) will, for the first time, host a virtual conference from 15 to 17 November 2021. Themed “Citizens Come First” – the annual conference boast several key speakers. Tsakani Maluleke, the Auditor General of South Africa, is set…

Yoco Khumo

Khumo the new business tool for entrepreneurs from Yoco team

15/10/2021 | By Tech Talk

Yoco has introduced its smartest card machine yet, the Yoco Khumo (means wealth, riches or abundance in Tswana), Yoco’s latest innovation for merchants to help fuel their business growth. This sleek and compact smart card machine is completely standalone and offers the fastest…


Vantage Data Centers invests R15bn on first‐ever African campus in Johannesburg

15/10/2021 | By Tech Talk

Vantage Data Centers said yesterday it planned to invest more than R15 billion in its first‐ever African campus, which would be based in Johannesburg, which would help foster economic growth and stimulate job creation.

Vodapay Super App

VodaPay Super App Goes Live

15/10/2021 | By Tech Talk

Vodacom Financial and Digital Services has announced the much anticipated VodaPay Super App is finally live and can be accessed in the Google and Apple app stores. Available to customers on any mobile network, VodaPay launches with significant partners and discounts…

Indian retailers

Indian retailers demand probe on Amazon after report shows the e-commerce giant copied products

15/10/2021 | By Tech Talk

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren called for breaking up Amazon and Indian retailers demanded a government probe of the company after a Reuters investigation…

Spotify Africa

Spotify secures alternative payment methods through telcos to expand its growth in Africa

15/10/2021 | By Tech Talk

Africa, with its internationally recognised musical talent – and growing mobile phone use – is central to Swedish music streamer Spotify’s plans to extend its reach to…


Kaspersky launches dedicated ‘low budget’ security hub as 45% of South African SMBs struggle to fund cybersecurity

15/10/2021 | By Tech Talk

Kaspersky has unveiled a free platform with tips and tricks for small businesses to help them quickly improve their organisation’s security. Kaspersky Cybersecurity on a Budget provides a set of short but actionable recommendations relevant for any company, as well as specific, but still easy to follow tips for different verticals and business needs.


Africa is ripe for investment

15/10/2021 | By Tech Talk

The South African Department of Trade and Industry met with SEW-EURODRIVE to discuss its R200 million investment into the country on site at the organisations new head quarters in Aeroton, Johannesburg. Critical conversation ahead of the German Africa Investment Conference taking place next week.


Bracing for Cyber Cover in Today’s Data Era

15/10/2021 | By Tech Talk

In today’s always-on, always-connected economy, businesses are under pressure to enhance their cybersecurity strategy and prove to their customers that data protection is critical to their engagement strategy. As the world economy continues to digitise operations, supply chains, business transactions and employee and customer services…


SAIGA the Public Sector Auditing Watchdog

27/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

An efficient public sector is the responsibility of everyone, whether working in government or not. Therefore, beneficial management of the South African democratic process relies on active and constructive participation of all. For an example, the upcoming local government elections are not just about ticking the ballot box to pick the desired candidate. Voting is among several courses of action for citizens in a democratic process. Other steps involve the public appreciating and embracing the fact about their municipalities needing them.


Twitter working on a fix for disappearing tweets

27/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

Twitter is working on a fix for an issue where tweets disappear when a page automatically refreshes. The Twitter Support Page has revealed that the company will be rolling out updates to the way tweets are presented so they won’t disappear from view.


WhatsApp Payments testing ‘cashback’ feature in India

27/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

AFTER enabling a new payment chat shortcut to quickly send payments from the chat bar, Facebook-owned WhatsApp is working on another feature for payments called “Cashback” for Indian users.


Silulo Ulutho and the 17-year struggle to close digital divide in townships

27/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

The Information Technology skills challenge has been with South Africa for a long time now. Seventeen years ago, it inspired a teacher, Luvuyo Rani, to form Silulo Ulutho Technologies with his…

digital quality

South Africa ranked 68th in the Digital Quality of life index 2021

27/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

South Africa ranked 68th in the world out of 110 countries and first place in Africa in the Digital Quality of Life Index 2021. The global digital wellbeing study showed that South Africa dropped down by nine…

iOS 15

Apple Operating System (iOS15) is here protect your privacy

27/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

The long-awaited iOS 15 is here. Although Apple has been on the wrong side of the privacy debate lately, the tech giant remains a leader in protecting user privacy. Here are some ways iOS 15 will protect…


AirBnB has a plan to empower local tourism entrepreneurs

22/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

THE South African tourism industry has been one of the hardest hit industries by the pandemic. Today, Airbnb is announcing a new three-year commitment in South Africa to address barriers to becoming a tourism entrepreneur, and to help rebuild a more inclusive and resilient domestic tourism economy. 


Telkom has plans to list its masts and towers business

22/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

Telkom surged nearly 13 percent on the JSE yesterday as it announced plans to list its masts and towers business as a separate entity. Telkom expects to make a final decision on the listing of the Gyro Masts & Towers business by the end of March next year.


Former Huawei smartphone unit faces a blacklist

22/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

Key security agencies are divided over whether to place Huawei’s former smartphone company on an export blacklist, showing that the Trump-era debates about the trade-offs of doing business with Chinese technology companies continues during the Biden…


Call to digitise SA’s heritage content

22/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

South African universities, public libraries and historical archives are sitting on treasure troves of valuable documents and manuscripts that have yet to be digitised. As a result, these historically significant documents are not easily available to historians and other academics for their…

Apple Watch 7

Apple accused of copying Watch 7 features

21/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

As Apple was launching the new Apple Watch 7, there was one unhappy viewer of the semi-live streamed event, Kosta Eleftheriou, the founder of FlickType. For the first time, Apple added a full on-screen keyboard to the watch and Eleftheriou alleges that the new keyboard looks similar to the one his company designed in 2018.


Facebook and Google to be fined by Russia

21/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

Russia’s internet regulator is poised to significantly raise the fines it has slapped on U.S. technology companies such as Facebook Inc. and Alphabet Inc. as the Kremlin escalates its push to curb access to information online.


Could a robot help you buy your next computer?

21/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

Intel Mexico has introduced a robotic store assistant, powered by Intel NUC Mini PCs, an Intel RealSense camera and the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit, which wanders the shopping aisles of El Palacio de Hierro in Mexico City, one of the biggest high-end Mexican retail stores.


New 4IR skills on the cards

21/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

MICT SETA has developed what they consider to be 11 4IR future skills. As part of this process the SETA has facilitated a process of gazetting them with the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO).


Vodacom’s #CodeLikeAGirl programme set to inspire over 600 young girls into tech and STEM careers

21/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

Vodacom has launched a programme that will see over 600 young girls between the ages of 14 and 18 receive coding training virtually from 4-7 October. Vodacom’s…

real estate

How new proptech is empowering estate agents

21/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

Due to lockdown and limited in person engagement the real estate industry has had to fast track the adoption of virtual and video tours, with some agencies already on the band waggon and others having…


WhatsApp users on stable iOS version receive multi-device support

20/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

WhatsApp has reportedly started rolling out the multi-device feature on the stable iOS version of the app. Users on the latest version of WhatsApp for iOS, who have enrolled in the beta program, will now get a multi-device prompt under the “linked devices” section within “settings”, reports GSMArena.


YouTube is searching for South African creators

20/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

Youtube has announced that the YouTube NextUp programme will be available in Nigeria and South Africa. The programme is an opportunity for creators to take their content creation to the next level. Twenty creators with eligible channels will be selected to win a production stipend of $1 000 (about R15 000) to be used for the acquisition of production equipment to advance their YouTube careers.

voter registration

Online voter registration continues until midnight

20/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

“Voter registration for #LGE2021 continues online at https://registertovote.elections.org.za until midnight on Monday, September 20. Voters’ roll closes with a proclamation on this day. But hurry, register asap to avoid disappointment. #evervoicetogether” tweeted the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) as the voter registration centres were closing on Sunday.

vodafone group

The Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development and Vodafone Urge Action to Connect 3.4BN People with Smartphones by 2030

20/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

A major new initiative has been launched by Vodafone Group Plc and ITU, the United Nations’ specialised agency for information and communication technologies, to address the global digital divide, with the aim that an additional 3.4 billion people could have the ability to access and use the internet through a smartphone by 2030.  

transparency report

Kaspersky releases its first Transparency Report

20/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

Committed to greater transparency, the global cybersecurity company has publicly shared information on requests received from government and law enforcement agencies, and users for data and technical expertise in 2020 and H1 2021. Thanks to the growing importance of technology in modern life, demand for greater transparency of the software we use is also growing, including security solutions.


Here are New emojis coming to your phone

15/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

The smiley face has proved remarkably durable, however, getting a major lift with smartphones, as text messaging became more widespread and the Unicode Consortium, a global standard-setting group for computer text, began adding thousands of new emojis to its catalogue over the past 10 years.

Cyber Attack

SA government entities hit by cyber attacks and services affected

15/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

A cyber attack on the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development’s (DOJ and CD) IT systems has affected the ability to pay child maintenance payments. Last week the department announced… 


Smartphone sales grew 10.8% in Q2 2021

15/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

Global smartphone sales to end users came to 328.8 million in the second quarter of 2021, an increase of 10.8% year over year, a new report said on Wednesday. According to a report by Gartner, overall global mobile phone…


How to keep your phone charged and useful in an emergency

15/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

A smartphone can be a lifeline in an emergency, connecting you instantly to assistance and real-time resources.
If you’re preparing for or in the midst of an emergency, here are some of the best ways you can get your phone in the best shape to help you.


Business and industry increasingly adopt IoT to drive sustainability

15/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

Beyond the immediate benefits like having data about business operations available in real time, businesses are increasingly exploring and adopting Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to drive their sustainability goals.


Intensified scamming activity marks popular smartphone launch

15/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

But, as year-to-year shows, not only Apple fans are interested in such events – for several years now, Kaspersky experts have detected intensified scamming activities amid the long-awaited Apple presentations.

Tech Skills

SA needs vital tech skills boost

14/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

If South Africa is serious about creating jobs and competing in the global economy, we need to do something about boosting our tech skills. Vukani Mngxati, CEO of Accenture in Africa, offers his opinion on the subject.
If I were given a rand every time I heard the phrase “South African jobs crisis” I would be an extremely wealthy man. And I would use that money to refocus national efforts on a rapid deep-rooted technology skills-development programme.


Businesses can now accept payments via links on WhatsApp

14/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

Clickatell has introduced yet another groundbreaking payment solution which is set to deliver an effortless and comprehensive way for merchants to offer payments and transactions to consumers in chat.


The rise of online misinformation fighters in SA

14/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

When social media and some online tools were introduced to society, they were hailed as tools that would connect people, enable freedom of speech and facilitate better access to information. Although some good things are… 

Solar Power

Vodacom installs new solar-powered sites in South Africa to reduce carbon emissions

14/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

As part of Vodacom’s energy and carbon management strategy and commitment to reducing its impact on the environment, Vodacom has installed new solar-powered sites in Polokwane…


Google to release Android 12 stable version update on October 4 – report

14/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

Google is reportedly planning to launch the stable version of the Android 12 operating system for Pixel smartphones.
According to documents, Google will publish the source code for Android 12…


Facebook and Zoom team up to make Work From Home Virtual Reality solution

14/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

Facebook released its new virtual reality office meeting software, Horizon Workrooms, to enable work from home Virtual Reality (VR) experience. The first version would work with Oculus devices which…

central banks

SA partners with 3 countries to test central banks digital currencies scheme

03/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

Central banks in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and South Africa will conduct a cross border payments trial using different central bank digital currencies (CBDC) to assess if this allows transactions to be settled more cheaply and easily, the banks said on Thursday. Many governments and central banks around the world are exploring the use of CBDCs, which are digital forms of existing currencies.


Irish data privacy watchdog fines WhatsApp $266m

03/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

Ireland hit Facebook’s WhatsApp with a record $266 million (R2.8 billion) fine on Thursday following an inquiry into the messaging app’s transparency around sharing personal data with other Facebook companies.

Super Followers

Twitter lets star users make money from subscriptions

03/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

Twitter has launched a long-promised “Super Follows” feature that lets creators sell subscriptions for access to special content. The move came as Twitter strives to be a preferred online venue for clickable stars and…

Apple Watch

Apple to add new advanced health features to Apple Watches

03/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

Apple is looking to add blood pressure and fertility features to the Apple Watch. The technology giant is believed to be testing out a range of new health features to its line of smart watches, including the…


SA FGC competition Red Bull Hit The Streets calling on players to enter qualifiers

03/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

South African Fighting Game Community (FGC) competition, Red Bull Hit The Streets is back to crown the best street Fighter V and Tekken 7 players for 2021. The competition will pit the best players…


Vodacom Central Region launches 5G network in Bloemfontein

03/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

Vodacom Central Region has switched on 5G mobile network in Mangaung Municipal District, with other municipal districts in the Free State and Northern Cape provinces to go live later this month. The 5G network…

girls in STEM

e4 launches programme to help girls pursue careers in STEM

03/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

Fintech specialist e4 has launched a Girls in STEM programme to provide girls in underprivileged areas with the support they need to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)…

artificial intelligence

Joburg leads Africa in AI

03/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

Johannesburg is fast becoming Africa’s artificial intelligence (AI) tech capital, according to research released by the AI Media Group. Launched in early 2018 the AI Media Group set out to create a new hybrid analysis, trade and advisory operation, says founder and CEO Dr Nick Bradshaw.


Vodacom Group named Global Alliance Member of The Earthshot Prize

02/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

Vodacom Group has been named a Global Alliance Member of the Earthshot Prize. The Earthshot Prize has been designed to discover and scale the best solutions to repair our planet over the next 10 years. Vodacom is one of the 14 companies and brands that will come together to support and scale the innovative and ground-breaking solutions developed by the soon-to-be-announced fifteen Earthshot Prize Finalists.

competition watchdog

Google to appeal $590m French fine in copyright row

02/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

Google is appealing a decision by France’s competition watchdog to hand it a $590 million fine in a row with news outlets over the use of their content under EU copyright rules, the multinational technology company said on Wednesday.


LinkedIn will be shutting down its Stories feature

02/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

LinkedIn will be shutting down its Stories feature, according to senior director of product Liz Li, who confirmed the news on the company’s blogpost. LinkedIn Stories will be completely removed by the end of September, as the company plans to work on ‘new experiences’.

Standard bank

Standard Bank apologises to customers for app disruptions

02/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

Customers that use the Standard Bank’s mobile banking App have experienced slower response times and intermittent access when attempting to log on, according to s statement from the bank.

xiaomi corp

China’s Xiaomi completes business registration of electric vehicle unit

02/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi Corp has completed the business registration of its electric vehicle unit, marking the latest milestone in its push into the automotive…


Fintech start-up offers virtual card to FICA lite customers

02/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

Fintech start-up SOLmate, an online payment platform with a digital wallet facility has launched a virtual card. According to the start-up, the new virtual card provides clients with the ability to…

Andy Jassy

Amazon CEO unveils 55 000 tech jobs in first hiring push under his watch

02/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

Amazon Inc is planning to hire 55 000 people for corporate and technology roles globally in the coming months, CEO Andy Jassy told Reuters. That’s equal to more than a third of Google’s headcount as of June 30, and close to all of Facebook’s.


AVEVA Launches Comprehensive Operations Control Software through Game-Changing User-Centric Flexible Model

02/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

New Offering Delivers Industry-First Mix of Cloud, On-Premise and Hybrid Solutions to Enable Companies to Optimize Software Investments and Maximize Value.

cyber smart

Do your part, be Cyber Smart

02/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

As our lives have become increasingly dependent on technology, virtually all personal and business data is kept on internet-connected platforms, which can become a gold mine for bad actors. In addition to this, phishing attacks and scams have thrived since the COVID pandemic…


3 million Indian WhatsApp accounts banned between June 16 to July 31

01/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

WhatsApp announced that it has banned over 3 million Indian accounts in the 46-day period from June 16 to July 31. It received 137 reports for account support, of which one was actioned, and 316 requests to ban accounts, the messaging giant said in its second compliance report under the new Information Technology Rules, 2021. 


Google delays office return for staff until January as Covid-19 worries linger

01/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

Google is extending its voluntary return-to-office policy through to January next year, chief executive Sundar Pichai said yesterday, citing uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 pandemic in many parts of the world. The rapid spread of the highly contagious Delta Covid-19 variant is also making companies reconsider their mask mandates and vaccine policies.

radio frequency

ICASA provides three months grace period to allow licensees to wind down their use of temporary radio frequency spectrum

01/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

The Council of the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) has resolved that the temporary radio frequency spectrum assigned to licensees will now have to be returned to the Authority by no later 30 November 2021.


Amazon-backed electric vehicle maker Rivian announces IPO

01/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

Amazon-backed manufacturer of electric trucks and utility vehicles, said last week it had filed for a stock market listing as it prepares to ramp up production and delivery.


How to keep your phone charged and useful in an emergency

01/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

A smartphone can be a lifeline in an emergency, connecting you instantly to assistance and real-time resources. If you’re preparing for or in the midst of an…


TransUnion’s South Africa Global Capability Centre Starts Servicing U.S. Market

01/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

TransUnion’s South Africa Global Capability Centre (GCC) marked its formal opening ceremony a few days ago by announcing that it has started providing support to…

Altron nexus

New MD for Altron Nexus

01/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

Altron has announced the appointment of Kennedy Chinganya as MD of Altron Nexus, with effect from 1 September, 2021. He succeeds Mark Harris, who will handle special projects until end of November 2021. Chinganya joined Altron Rest of Africa in August 2018 as the Finance Director. He was responsible for implementing financial governance…

privacy checker

Red flags – which platforms/services do Internet users have most privacy concerns about?

01/09/2021 | By Tech Talk

Kaspersky analysed anonymised data, voluntarily provided by Privacy Checker, a website that contains helpful advice on privacy settings for various Internet services and platforms. The results reflect which services and platforms’ Internet users have the most privacy concerns about. The data shows, most customers are worried about the security of popular…

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